Ever wondered what the world would be like, if it looked like in the photos?




Cocoa / Poetry


O cocoa!
So hot and milky thou.
A sip.
Just a sip;
let lips mine touch thy skin.
I'd drink you all,
regrets none left,
but then you'd be no more.




The Scarecrow / Horror & Crime

The farmer John Carrot was standing on the porch of his house. The sunset was playing with his crops and so every corn was throwing a different shadow. He smiled sweetly: »What a pretty sunset. You don't see many of those in these backwaters.« He walked inside his house and went to the basement. He rummaged through his pockets until he found an old rusty key. He put it in the keyhole and turned it. The door squeaked loudly as it was being opened. Carrot took a lantern from the wall and walked inside. »Hello, little piggies. Tell me, who's next?« 


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